Why ‘Blog’ is not a four letter word!

It’s been a while since I blogged on my personal blog or on this website, and surprise, surprise – people seem to have noticed. Over the last few weeks, people ranging from close friends to mere acquaintances have been asking, ‘Not blogging much are you?’. Indeed, I’ve been surprised by the number of people who have asked me this question – especially because on the face of it my blog readership is not that high.

As I take all this feedback in, I feel grateful to have been introduced to the world of blogging. As I am sure many thousands of closet writers around the world are. There are many things about blogging (other than its sheer simplicity!) that make it a potent tool not to be ignored. I list a few over here :

Documentation : True to its name (web-log), a blog keeps a documentation of your thoughts, feelings, attitudes, ideas or whatever it is that you write about in a chronological archive. Whatever its ulterior benefits might be, I find this aspect of blogging the most fascinating and useful. Going back to old blog entries is like discovering a treasure trove of memories that otherwise would have likely been forgotten. Also, this could be the necessary fodder for future work – so its best kept well preserved.

Readership & Relationships :  If you are a sporadic blogger like me, then this would be a tricky one to master ( especially if that is what you really seek). However, a quick look at some of the most successful blogs shows a repeatable pattern. People who are sociable to others get socialized to in return – its pretty much a quid-pro-quo world out there. However selfish that may sound, think about it – this manner of give-and-take ensures that if you have an idea/product/anything worthwhile that you want to get the word out about – you just need to get a blog account and start talking to people. There is no dearth of specialized blogs out there and the more you talk the more you increase your chances of being heard.

People who are sociable to others get socialized to in return.

Clarity of style and content :  If you happen to start blogging on a lark but stick to it for a while, chances are that over a period of time you will discover your voice. Not just the voice that you are most comfortable writing in, but also the voice that people like to hear.

As a blogger, you can continue as a lone wolf writer but still get feedback (no feedback can also tell you something). If you leaf over the archives of any blog, this is one thing that will surely emerge – the way in which the author pares down content to suit the audience. And as with the case with any writing – this is a very useful skill.

As a blogger, you can continue as a lone wolf writer but still get feedback.

Practice : All of the above are useful points to the emerging writer in one important way – they give you practice. After all, writing is a skill which needs lots of practice. And one of the easiest ways to do it is by starting a blog. The best thing about a blog is that the feedback is almost instantaneous and is from people whom you have not bulldozed into reading what you have written.

And those, my dear friends are the reasons that I would not ‘write’-off blogging already. Instead, I plan to continue using it as a platform with sister help from all the new-fangled social media of the world!

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