Breaking in : after breaking free

blank slate

I was on a break. For a YEAR!

12 whole months – I did not write. It was unplanned – but it happened. 

Hours and hours of breaking into the freelancing market and – Poof! I disappeared – just like that. Blogs went silent, contribution leads dried up and oh, I lost the rights to my website namesake. Bleeurrgh!

After a year of staying incommunicado (just a few days before my son turned 1!) I whirred up my Mac and we were good to go. Blank slate? You bet. More like washed clean, scrubbed and dried. Very well dried. Almost dried up.

I cleaned out my inboxes. Speed read newsletters, job postings, blogs, books… Got back on the twitter horse. Punched out pitch after pitch after pitch.

I have been back for such a short time that even the rejections haven’t piled up. There have been some small successes – and I am hanging on to them. Pinning them to my wall- as a reminder that I can still do it. I still have got what it takes – hell! I have more than what it takes 🙂

As cheesy as it sounds, today is the first day of the rest of my life – and I bloody well make the most of it. I am not treating this as a setback, but as a time-out, spent well. My perspectives have altered, thus my horizons have grown. I am looking at new markets, new places to write in. Something must’ve shifted in the while that I was away.

Among other things, I am grateful for the fact that my financial situation is stable enough for me to afford breaks like this *waves hand enthusiastically at supportive spouse*. I am fortunate to be able to do what I love to do. To take leaps and turns into territories unknown. Indeed if there were ever a time to count my blessings, it is now.

And I’m plunging into my blessings right now, with all the might that I can muster. (Remember – pitch!pitch!pitch!write!write!write!). Wish me luck!

Yours in the writerly life,


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