In the last one hour, I have checked my Whatsapp messages about a hundred times, refreshed my two e-mail accounts about a few dozen times, checked up on the Kardarshians (Well, someone could have gotten pregnant overnight!) and of course lurked around Facebook and Twitter for a bit. Checking on online discount sales does not count right? I also recall making myself a drink with ice cubes even though the weather outside is jacket worthy and oh well, a small snack is quick work (In any case what writer can survive without fuel?).

Writer. Ah, Yes! That.

In November now, there is a certain urgency to being a writer. There is a certain wind beneath our wings, a certain badge of honour in the reckoning, a little something called #NaNoWrimo. Yes, hashtag and all. And if you need me to expand on what that means, you are certainly hanging out at the wrong blog.

Right now I am 45,000 words away from my 50,000 word target. I’ve got a plot figured out, some main characters (One of whom is going to be essayed by Rihanna when the movie based on the book comes out – yeah!). So there is all that. And then there is the writing. It is not drudgery, because when it happens – boy, does it happen! But the problem as always is in the starting. Opening that document on MS Word and striking the first key. THAT is the real challenge.

This blog post is an attempt by me to trick my mind into typing (because – I am clever like that ;)). What I wrote above here is my little reminder to myself that I can indeed write. I can put a word in front of another and make them march. Yes. Because sometimes thats all that it takes. To begin, one must start somewhere.

To begin, one must start somewhere.

And as I make my way on to that waiting MS Word document, I wish you luck in your journey as a writer. And if you are doing #NaNoWriMo this year – good luck and great success to you!

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