So What Do You DO?


I am just back from a family wedding, so humour me.

Aunt  : So, Nidhi is working somewhere? (this is said in third person while I am still in the room)

Close Relative (take a guess ;)) : Nah. She’s at home.

Spouse (Suddenly awake) : She WORKS from home.

Close Relative (Did you guess yet?) : Oh! She’s an Editor? (Then to Aunt ) : She edits children’s books.

Spouse to all others present (still trying valiantly) : She runs a website..a media business you know…she does many things.

I’ve been stirring sugar and aspartame in various pre-dictated proportions into the tea all this while. I’m listening to all this discussion about me through the back of my head really. And its bounces right over it. Honestly, I’m relieved that I was not the one trying to describe what I DO to all and sundry.

However, the fact remains that as a freelancer/entrepreneur with varied interests and fingers in many pies, so to speak – I really find it difficult to present myself in a neat little bundle. Writer, Editor, Peon, tea maker, PR etc – I do it all. I am also Mentor, Judge, Event co-ordinator and Chief grievance counsellor for many people who are not my legal progeny. I also legally pay salaries to a handful of people – so if nothing else, I do help in getting some people a livelihood or at least part of it.

Yet, I have an existential crisis everyday : What do I DO?

For all the coolth attached to starting off on your own, the truth remains that society still respects a salaried job OR a family run business with a remarkable turnover. Anything that is on the fringes of a creative pursuit – is still a ‘hobby’. And woe be to you, if you are a married woman with kids trying to create a business out of your home.

I did not intend this to be a rant post. Please note : “I’m listening to all this discussion about me through the back of my head really. And its bounces right over it” from above. After a couple of years of trying to make people understand, I realised that those who don’t understand never will. And does it honestly matter? As long as I am doing something that satisfies me and I truly believe makes a difference in other people’s lives, I will do it. Period.

Meanwhile, how much sugar with your tea? 😉


One thought on “So What Do You DO?

  1. Respect others opinions. Choosing to be comfortable in your skin enough to reject it, or to take lessons, or to hold it against them- my suggestion would be to let feedback flow, thank all who care to share their opinion, and thank them in anticipation for not insisting on you to go by it. I hope message you want for yourself and others to take is not to throttle opinions/ feedback. Well, that is just my opinion. And by my reasoning you can ignore it 😄

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