So What Do You DO?

I am just back from a family wedding, so humour me. Aunt  : So, Nidhi is working somewhere? (this is said in third person while I am still in the room) Close Relative (take a guess ;)) : Nah. She’s at home. Spouse (Suddenly awake) : She WORKS from home. Close Relative (Did you guess yet?)… Continue reading So What Do You DO?


Breaking in : after breaking free

I was on a break. For a YEAR! 12 whole months – I did not write. It was unplanned – but it happened.  Hours and hours of breaking into the freelancing market and – Poof! I disappeared – just like that. Blogs went silent, contribution leads dried up and oh, I lost the rights to… Continue reading Breaking in : after breaking free

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Free-wheeling about Freelancing

It’s a tough life, being a freelancer. And it has much to do with the ‘free’ in the job description. Here are just a few instances why this happens: 1.To begin with, people assume that you are free whenever they want you to be. Which means that whenever you are bequeathed an assignment you should… Continue reading Free-wheeling about Freelancing